We created a go to market strategy for EQL focused on speaking directly to their end user.

EQL is a Hype Commerce platform retailers use to manage product launches. EQL prevents sites crashing, slows down scammers, and delivers a launch that is Run Fair ensuring products get into the hands of real fans.

The Challenge

EQL came to TAG with the challenge build a website for EQL IQ. The objective of the EQL IQ website was to tell the story of EQL and sell the platform to potential partners. EQL is the calm for the chaos that is hype commerce, and an opportunity to create a positive experience for the consumer when they enter a launch each time. 

The Solution

TAG, with the help of a Webflow development, created a dynamic and engaging website for EQL IQ.

The website serves as a showcase for the EQL product, educates potential partners, and showcases EQL's expertise in the eCommerce industry. TAG is proud to have built an impressive experience for EQL IQ.

390% year on year growth on Instagram
The Results
year on year growth on LinkedIn
year on year growth on Twitter
website with engaging animations

What we’ve been able to build with Webflow and our agency partner, TAG has been incredible. We built EQL IQ as way to showcase our product, educate potential partners, and do it in a way that is dynamic and immersive. We operate in the eCommerce space, helping retailers build better experiences for their customers, and we’re proud of the experience we’ve built with EQL IQ.


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