The humans
of TAG

Our clients stick around for many years. We devise simple and effective strategies and solutions. Our focus is on building lasting partnerships and bonds with businesses that believe in us and our work. With an eye towards an uncertain and evolving future, we implement solutions that adapt to changing landscapes.
Our unique selling point lies in our diverse range of experiences, which sets us apart from the competition. We are driven to excel, passionate about the results we create, and genuinely love what we do.

Our senior leadership team

Alon Abraham
Head of Strategy, Co Founder
Gary Tenenbaum
Head of Operations, Co Founder
Zoe Goodhardt
Head of Growth and Marketing
Lexie Mand
Account Services Lead
Andrew Moroney
Joel Beath
Strategic Advisor

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Our approach.
The art of attracting, engaging, and converting customers is often overlooked in the complexities of digital transformation. We have a different approach. With simplicity and focus, we bring three key elements to every project.
Built to Understand
We understand marketers' challenges and collaborate to provide tailored solutions. Marketing is inherently simple, and we embrace that simplicity. Through close collaboration and leveraging our expertise, we deeply understand stakeholders and technology. We deliver strategies that yield immediate results, executed incrementally.
Built for the Future
We partner with adaptable, cloud-first platforms with strong roadmaps. Unlike solutions that hinder marketers' ability to keep up with future content and integration needs, our carefully selected 'built for the future' technologies alleviate the challenges.

We prevent tech debt and obsolescence for our clients, offering a wide range of options to create a tailored blend of technologies. This empowers clients to focus on their work without the burden of frequent upgrades or re-platforming.
Built to be Flexible
How we do it is as important as what we do. With our startup foundations and a challenger mindset, flexibility, growth mindset, humility, and hard work are essential for long-term relationships.

We selectively hire our team and seek clients who share these values. Flexibility is key to project success and relationships. Over the years, we've embraced flexibility through creative success models, unconventional brand launches, lean startup methodologies, working late to meet deadlines, leveraging TAG Ventures' advisors for fresh perspectives, and even involving our dogs in client photoshoots