“People won’t be replaced by AI. They will be replaced by people who know how to use it”

What it is

Getting started with generative AI within a company can be a daunting and complex task. TAG’s Generative AI Readiness Audit cuts through the hype and the noise, taking an objective and dispassionate approach to assessing how an organisation can best take its first steps in embracing AI tools as part of its ways of working, in such a way that helps rather than disrupts its workforce.

Why it's important

There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to the application of AI tools. Therefore, understanding how your organisation currently works gives us the necessary baseline to find opportunities. These tools are only as good as the problem they exist to solve. By basing our recommendations on fixing challenges the business currently faces, we maximise our opportunities for success.

A common misstep many organisations are currently making amidst the hype of the rapid and significant emergence of AI is to try and “do it all”, applying them in an inconsistent and nonstrategic manner. Another common misconception is that AI “replaces” people & what they do, when in fact the AI tools are largely only as good as the human directing them. Therefore, upskilling the employees using the tools is critical.

How we go about it

TAG will work with people throughout the business to understand pain points or unrealised opportunities for AI to make their work simpler, quicker or richer. Generative AI relies on large amounts of high-quality data to collect and prepare for the training of the generative AI models.

Through deep analysis of the challenges and opportunities unearthed, TAG will utilise its knowledge of AI tooling to create a series of recommendations across things such as customer support, supply chain, finance, operations, sales & marketing.

Based on the prioritised use cases, TAG will develop a detailed roadmap of what generative AI tools can be deployed throughout the business, how long each will take, the support required from the business, and any data, investment or workflow change requirements. TAG will work with the organisation to identify, upskill and support employees & teams, educating them both at a principle and practical level about how AI can make their work simpler, quicker and richer. TAG will be available to provide ongoing support & thought leadership, surfacing new opportunities based on emerging technologies.