GA4 services priced from $2,000 (exc. GST):

  1. GA4 Implementation: We can set up and configure GA4 properly on your websites or apps. This involves adding the GA4 tracking code, configuring data streams, and integrating it with relevant platforms.
  2. Custom Event Tracking: We will define and implement custom events in GA4. Custom events enable tracking specific user interactions, such as button clicks, form submissions, video views, or other important actions unique to their business.
  3. Goal and Conversion Tracking: TAG will set up goals and conversions in GA4. These could include e-commerce transactions, lead form submissions, newsletter sign-ups, or any other desired user actions.
  4. Enhanced E-commerce Tracking: If you operate an e-commerce platform, we can offer enhanced e-commerce tracking implementation. This involves tracking product impressions, clicks, purchases, and other relevant data to gain insights into the customer journey.
  5. Data Import and Integration: We can assist you in importing relevant data from external sources, such as CRM systems, email marketing platforms, or advertising platforms. Integrating these data sources with GA4 provides a holistic view of marketing efforts.
  6. Cross-Domain Tracking: We can set up cross-domain tracking to monitor user behaviour across multiple websites or subdomains. This is particularly useful for businesses with separate websites for different products or services.
  7. User ID Tracking: Implement User ID tracking to identify and track individual users across sessions and devices. This enables better analysis of user behaviour and enhances the accuracy of metrics like user retention and lifetime value.
  8. Data Validation and QA: Perform regular data validation and quality assurance to ensure accurate tracking and data integrity. This includes checking for proper event firing, data consistency, and troubleshooting any tracking issues.
  9. Reporting and Analysis: Provide regular reports and analysis of GA4 data to you, and your team. We can help you understand the key metrics, uncover actionable insights, and optimise their marketing strategies based on the data.
  10. Training and Support: We can run training sessions to educate you and your team on GA4 features, data interpretation, and best practices. Provide ongoing support to address any questions or concerns they may have regarding GA4 tracking.

Remember, GA4 is still evolving, so staying updated with the latest changes and features is crucial for your business. We can ensure you have robust analytics setup and gain valuable insights for your business growth.