At TAG, we are constantly seeking out new opportunities for our clients, capitalising on trends, app developments and more. Enter the latest addition; Threads.

The what

Designed to be reactive, Threads is a Twitter-inspired app that allows users to integrate their Instagram following & followers, so they can send out whatever is on their mind, to whoever is listening.

It poses an excellent opportunity for, in a similar way to Twitter, capitalise on trends, share thoughts on current affairs, generate hype when big things are happening, all with much more lighthearted approach and human feel. 

The why

This incredibly simple concept will allow businesses the opportunity to develop a new humanised persona for their brand, tapping into the same real, and warm feeling that lifestyle content creates on organic socials. In turn, this will create a much warmer audience, and a much more engaged one. We want Threads to be an open conversation between us, and our audience. 

We are also seeing interesting data on how our selected Threads topics are expanding our network. Testing the waters on TAG’s account, we have been sending out Threads about social media, and in turn, are being followed by others in the industry. It’s feeling a bit like Linkedin, but in the best way! We think this has the potential to really grow your network, in the way it’s growing ours. 

The plan

As early adopters of Threads, we want to set you up for success. As managers of your Threads account, we invite you to take part in a one-month sprint, to get your account running and strike while the iron is hot. Below is a breakdown of our execution plan:

  • Create your Threads account (Bio, photo, etc).
  • Merge your audience from Instagram to Threads.
  • Begin to roll out 2-2 posts per day (at minimum, 1x original post, 1x re-share).
  • Content to include sharable, “viral”, trending topics to best capitalise on the app in its infancy. 
  • Engage with commenters. 
  • Engage with our following and wider audience.
  • Engage with key influencers relevant to the brand. 
  • Analyse after month 1, the strengths and weaknesses we have found. 

The deal:

To make this as one-month sprint successful as possible in the infancy of Threads, we require your trust and permission to run. We are seeing just how quickly social media moves, and in this first month of Threads, we require your trust that TAG want the very best for your business but will need the creative freedom to create content that is relevant to you, but also to the app.

Let’s make this happen. We’re excited and hope you are too.