September 20, 2023

How To Nail Tone of Voice

by Bonnie Dunleavy

How To Nail Tone of Voice 

Tired of bland, boring, beige underwear, Nala dared to do anything but that. The end result? Underwear that’s vibrant, contemporary, and cheeky. 

The same can be said for their tone of voice. 

Email marketing is a significant piece in the overall digital marketing campaign. When we consider email branding, and more broadly, digital marketing, the tone of voice pertains to how a brand interacts with its audience. It allows businesses to set themselves apart from competitors and convey their brand's core values to their target audience, through language that has an impact. 

To successfully finesse the tone of voice beyond our means, it required the input of both the Nala team and our Klaviyo team. This was a collaborative effort, that required some trial and error to write appropriately and succinctly. From the perspective of Nala, it called upon their personal expertise on language nuances to ensure we were best speaking to their target audience. For example, we quickly ruled out the word “gorgeous” for “babe”. Alongside this, our Klaviyo team was rigorously split testing to ensure that certain keywords were grabbing our audience in as few words as possible. We learned a lot about the complexities of being brief throughout our copy in order to grab attention, while also mastering the art of tone of voice. 

To ensure consistency across their socials, marketing, and Klaviyo flows, TAG took a deep look into Nala’s core values, to better understand how to apply tone of voice and use it effectively. One of our key learnings from doing so was that it was imperative to maintain a conscious approach to communication, with an active awareness of the tone we employed, to avoid any opportunity for miscommunication.

Inclusivity runs deep at Nala, and part of their mission is to utilise their platform to speak up for broader issues, and sectors of the community that don’t have a platform. Since its inception, Nala has been unafraid to touch on issues of body positivity in the mass media, censorship, race, and more. Meaning it was our responsibility to echo this inclusivity in the tone of voice, ensuring all copywriting used inclusive and uplifting language for our target audience. By doing so, we have successfully formed a sincere, relatable, and kind voice.

The key learning? With being bold comes big responsibilities, and Nala is unafraid to be just that.