October 5, 2023

A Guide to Conducting an Enterprise SEO Audit

by Alon Abraham

In the contemporary online world, enterprise SEO is pivotal for large-scale businesses. It's an advanced version of standard SEO, crafted specially for vast and intricate enterprise websites. To enhance organic reach and brand recognition, and drive business outcomes, a plan must be laid out both on the local and national front.

Enterprises keen on amplifying their visibility in search engine result pages often resort to an SEO audit. This intensive assessment sheds light on a website’s strong points and pinpoints areas for growth. Setting out with an audit lays the groundwork for a victorious SEO plan.

In this article, we'll deep dive into the nuances of enterprise SEO, discussing the distinctive challenges encountered by both SEO experts and large company owners. Additionally, we'll dissect the auditing methodology, spotlighting ten performance indicators crucial to overall website well-being.

What is Enterprise SEO?

Enterprise SEO is a bespoke method geared towards optimising expansive corporate websites for search engines. Similar to its traditional counterpart, it's designed to boost brand visibility, search rankings, and organic reach to fortify authority and fulfil business ambitions. Elements such as website architecture, content integrity, backlink review, and a slew of technical parameters are at the core of both local and nationwide optimisation plans.

For enterprise SEO, magnitude is pivotal. Large enterprises own massive websites with potentially hundreds or even millions of pages. They also possess more stakeholders, elevated revenue streams, and intricate operations. Hence, an effective enterprise SEO blueprint demands a methodical strategy to elevate targeted engagement and broaden brand recognition. To realise these goals, businesses and their SEO partners need a profound grasp of search engine mechanics and must routinely assess their online resources.

What's involved in an Enterprise SEO Audit?

The inaugural move to boost an enterprise's online footprint involves conducting an SEO assessment to gauge its performance. Such audits scrutinise elements related to layout and content to unveil foundational glitches.

Given the vastness and intricacy of enterprise websites compared to regular ones, they mandate a detailed assessment. This is where an enterprise-specific SEO audit comes into play. More detailed than its generic counterpart, it takes the unique facets of the website into account. When executed meticulously, it yields vital data on a company's online efficacy, shaping an efficient SEO blueprint.

Why is an SEO audit crucial for my enterprise website?

Navigating the business realm as a heavyweight comes with its own set of challenges. Big corporations often grapple with distinctive issues and need expert guidance for formulating and executing local and nationwide SEO schemes. An enterprise SEO audit offers a comprehensive view of a website’s online visibility and search ranking stature. It's an essential tool to devise a prosperous optimisation blueprint. In short, enterprises must first gauge their current position to strategise their trajectory.

10 Key Components of an Enterprise SEO Audit

Assessing vast websites can be intricate and time-intensive, sometimes spanning days or weeks. To streamline this, we’ve pinpointed ten foundational elements integral to any enterprise SEO assessment:

  1. Keyword Review - Keywords are integral for SEO, ensuring targeted engagement and enhanced search visibility.
  2. Understanding Keyword Intent - Every search hides a motive. Deciphering this aids in aligning content to user needs.
  3. Page Titles - These HTML tags help structure web content, guiding search engines.
  4. Page Indexing - Crucial for making pages searchable.
  5. Search Appearance Evaluation - How a site appears in search results.
  6. Content Assessment - The essence of a site, content must be top-notch.
  7. Load Speed Examination - Speed is key in the digital age.
  8. Inbound Link Analysis - A website's backlink health can shape its rankings.
  9. Adaptability to Mobile - With mobile users on the rise, mobile-friendliness is paramount.
  10. Competitor Insight - Analysing industry leaders offers valuable strategies.

With this knowledge at your fingertips, it’s now time to fine-tune your enterprise SEO strategy and Book your Enterprise SEO Audit with us today!