We created an Australian-focused go to market strategy for a renowned household brand, Zoflora.

Zoflora has been helping UK households stay safe from germs for almost 100 years and has now launched in Australia exclusive to Woolworths. Their range of beautifully fragranced, perfumed developed concentrated disinfectants is your perfect partner for a hygienically clean home or business.

The Challenge

Zoflora wanted to launch their brand in the Australian, raise brand awareness and ultimately sell more product to a new and emerging market.

The Solution

TAG partnered with Zoflora in its infancy stage
and assisted with their launch into the Australia market

We’re Zoflora’s marketing arm who looked more broadly than the initial services to prepare the best launch strategy for Zoflora. This involved PR opportunities (most notably with Mamamia), TikTok content creation, advertising, a brand activation and the Zoflora x Woolworths campaign creatives.

3 Million people reached in the three month launch period of the Zoflora Australia Facebook page
The Results
Views on our best performing TikTok for Zoflora
Click through rate (CTR) for Zoflora’s search campaign. This is well above the average Google Ads CTR of 5%
Views on Youtube Google ads since July 2022 with a view rate of 59.69%

The TAG team are highly skilled, experienced, and professional. Extremely impressed with their collaborative approach to developing a bespoke strategic framework which they execute against with excellence. Producing the highest quality output to ensure maximum growth and ROI. TAG are a valued business partner. Cannot recommend highly enough.

Glen Crosland

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