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In the agriculture industry, staying ahead means efficiently moving products from farm to customer. Given the seasonal and perishable nature of agricultural products, this challenge requires out-the-box solutions. At TAG, we specialise in turning these challenges into growth opportunities with digital solutions that work. 

With over a decade of experience, TAG understands the unique needs of the agricultural sector. From small local farms to larger agribusinesses, our strategies ensure that your product reaches your customer. 

We support the best to achieve the best

The Challenge

SupaGarlic wanted to help people experience the health benefits of garlic. They weren't satisfied with just raising brand awareness, they wanted to empower people to take control of their well-being by providing access to high-quality, garlic supplements for health.

What we did

Website Management

We optimised SupaGarlic's website to increase conversions through conversion rate optimization (CRO) techniques and heatmapping analysis.

Organic Social Media Management

Created compelling video and graphic design content designed to convey the benefits of garlic for health.

Social Advertising (Instagram, Facebook & TikTok)

Launched conversion focused ad campaigns across Meta and TikTok. 

Email Marketing

Through Klaviyo, we nurtured customer relationships, highlighted product benefits, and encouraged repeat purchases through personalised email campaigns.


Instagram followers
Facebook reach
Facebook ad clicks
$36,000 in revenue
generated by Klaviyo campaigns

The Challenge

What we did


Moving your product from farm to customer

With buyers having more options than ever before, it's important to communicate why your product is the better option. We develop strategies that work. Here’s how we would do it.

Video Content

Capture the essence and benefits of your product with engaging video content that tells your story.

Email Marketing

Manage targeted email campaigns through Klaviyo to boost customer retention and sales.  Keep your audience informed about seasonal offerings and promotions.

Social Advertising

Launch tailored social media campaigns that are designed to cut through the noise and achieve your business goals. 

Google Ads

Drive traffic to your website with Google Ads, ensuring that those searching for agricultural products in your niche, find you first.

Let's create greatness.