February 18, 2022

Loud&Clear founder to join TAG Direct team

by Alon Abraham

Agency founder Joel Beath to provide strategic advice in first agency role after acquisition of independent giant Loud&Clear.

Joel Beath, co-founder of Australia’s largest independent digital agency will join Digital Agency TAG Direct as Strategic Advisor four years after the acquisition of his agency, Loud&Clear.

The role will see Joel support the founders and management team in putting in place and executing the strategy to capitalise on recent client wins and its strong underlying retained client revenue as the agency continues to scale.

Beath is excited by the same things that he saw in his own business, which at the time of sale to Accenture/Microsoft joint venture Avanade for an undisclosed sum in 2018 was Australia’s largest independent agency.

“The energy at TAG, the mindset of the management team and the momentum they have reminds me of Loud&Clear when we were the same size. The landscape has changed dramatically in that time and agencies that aren’t focussing on online customer acquisition and conversion and clear web3 advice, support and development to their clients will be left behind. Our focus will be to accelerate our agency-wide expertise in these areas, while continuing to deliver outstanding digital services to our existing clients”

TAG Co-Founder Gary Tenenbaum is excited about what’s in store for TAG. “We’re humbled that Joel has chosen to work with TAG as his first agency role in four years. Joel’s confidence in our growth gives us lots to be proud about. Our growth over the last few years have been on a rapid incline and we’re excited that Joel will help us shape the next part of our journey as we continue to scale and continue to shape our offering to maintain relevancy for our clients into the future”

Joel assumes his role on the 15th of February after taking a hiatus from his previous role leading Avanade’s Australian Digital business.