Facebook and Instagram Predictions for 2024

Alon Abraham
It feels like just yesterday that we were adjusting to a life indoors, doubling as IT specialists and celebrating birthdays on Zoom.
Now, with 2024 knocking on our doors, it's time to gear up for the digital shifts awaiting us in the world of Facebook and Instagram.
To keep you ahead of the curve, I've dived deep into anticipated trends for the coming year.


#1 AI-Driven Engagement

Facebook is set to further incorporate AI-powered tools to enhance user experience, pushing Reels and other AI-driven content into users' feeds. With a decrease in original posts, these AI interventions aim to reinvigorate user interaction.

#2 The Rise of Generative AI

The potential of generative AI has caught Mark Zuckerberg’s eye. Expect to witness a surge in AI-based features, including generative AI backgrounds and AI-curated quizzes to amplify user engagement.

#3 The Short-Lived Celebrity AI Chatbots

The celebrity-modeled AI chatbots introduced by Meta might not be as game-changing as they seem. While they bring a fun novelty, their real-world utility might overshadow the celebrity allure.

#4 Stepping into the Avatar World

Prepare to see an increase in 3D avatars, as Meta seeks to ease users into the metaverse. The youth's affinity for digital characters in games like Fortnite and Minecraft could be a testament to this upcoming trend.

#5 AR Innovations on the Horizon

While we might not see commercially available AR glasses in 2024, advancements are in progress. Early real-world tests are bound to give us a glimpse into the future of AR, as Meta leverages its collaboration with Ray Ban.

#6 Messaging as the New Norm

With the shift towards private messaging, Meta is looking to introduce innovative ad options aligned with this trend. Brands might also get tools to develop AI-driven chatbots for a more personalised customer interaction.


#7 AI at the Forefront

Much like Facebook, Instagram is also capitalising on AI to boost user engagement. Look out for collaborative AI images, where users can co-create digital masterpieces, and innovative AI-based avatar animations.

#8 Threads Gaining Momentum

As more users are moving away from traditional platforms, Threads could emerge as a strong contender in the social media realm. This could mean more features, increased user engagement, and eventually, a new advertising avenue.

#9 Revolutionising Shopping with AR

With Snap's ARES initiative fading, Instagram might step in with in-store AR displays, offering users a more immersive product experience. These features would not only elevate user experience but also set the stage for Meta's AR glasses.

Prepare for an exciting 2024, as these innovations and advancements reshape the digital landscape. Embrace the new, and adapt your strategies to make the most out of these promising trends.