July 24, 2023

Boosting Your Average Order Value (AOV): A 9-Step Guide

by Alon Abraham

In the unpredictable world of ecommerce, we noticed a ray of optimism last year - the substantial 31% increase in AOV across ecommerce platforms. However, if your business didn't catch this wave, we're here with some inventive tactics that are sure to help enhance your AOV this year.

Tip 1 Showcase Recommended and Related Products

Display suggested or frequently bought-together items based on a customer's purchasing history or their current shopping cart. This smart merchandising strategy can enhance the customer experience, increase AOV, and generate cross-selling opportunities.

Tip 2 Set a Free Shipping Threshold

Create a minimum purchase amount for customers to qualify for free shipping. This strategy can incentivise larger purchases, reduce cart abandonment, and elevate the overall customer experience, thereby increasing your AOV.

Tip 3 Develop a Loyalty Program

Loyalty programs have a proven track record of increasing customer retention and stimulating repeat business. By rewarding customer loyalty with exclusive benefits and discounts, you motivate customers to spend more and visit your platform repeatedly, consequently enhancing your AOV.

Tip 4 Provide Personalised Discounts

Encourage engagement and larger purchases by offering discounts on the products or services your customers purchase regularly. This can not only create a sense of urgency and reward customer loyalty but can also effectively increase your AOV.

Tip 5 Highlight Reviews and User-Generated Content (UGC)

Emphasise customer feedback and user-created content on your website or social media channels. Recommendations, social proof, and community building through this strategy can have a positive impact on your AOV.

Tip 6 Implement a Personal Shopping Assistant Bot

A chatbot that provides personalised product recommendations can enhance product discovery, encourage repeat purchases, and consequently improve your AOV.

Tip 7 Group Items into Tiered Bundles

Offer bundles of related products at discounted rates to promote upselling, improve product margins, and increase your AOV.

Tip 8 Highlight Trending and Top-selling Products

Highlight popular and in-demand items on your ecommerce platform. This can drive customers to purchase higher-priced items and can serve as proof of product quality.

Tip 9 Show Savings During the Checkout Process

Display the savings your customers are making during checkout to incentivise larger purchases and promote upselling.

There are indeed so many more strategies to improve AOV. Which of these strategies will you implement this year? What else would you add?